This page will be a consolidation of all our adventures – jumping from waterfalls, exploring jungles, attending festive parties, music, dance, and everything in between.  Each adventure entry will be organized here under subcategories with descriptive hyperlinks for easy perusing.

Costa Rica Outdoors

Monteverde, Costa Rica Rainforest
We go with new friends, the Zuniga family, to explore the beautiful mountains and rainforest of Monteverde.  We get the inside look to authentic town life from Davis, who was born and raised in Monteverde.  Davis’s mom, Ana, even showed us how to make Chicharrones on her wood-burning stove.


Punta Uva and Manzanillo Caribbean Paradise
A 7-day adventure becomes 9!  A week on the beautiful beaches of Punta Uva, and then 2 more surprise-extension days in the small Caribbean town of Manzanillo down near the Panamanian border.  In Punta Uva we meet Jonathan and his family, who show us how to cook 2 amazing Caribbean dishes.  In Manzanillo we get the VIP tour from our new friend Andy, born and raised in Manzanillo.



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