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Lost and Found Family HP Layoffs

HP Layoffs – Turning Catastrophe into Adventure

HP just announced 27,000 layoffs!  Normally, as an HP employee, this would be bad news.  However, in my particular, twisted case this disaster couldn’t be sweeter.  I never thought I would be ecstatic to be laid off. The anticipation of discussing layoffs with my manager was terrifying.  I kept telling …

Budding blue berries we would never get to try

Sunk Costs – Cutting Our Losses For a Better Future

Economists have a term for time and money wasted on loosing endeavors – they’re called “sunk costs.”  Sunk costs are any money, time, effort, reputation, or pride that have been spent and cannot be recovered.  The rule of sunk costs is to ignore them.  Don’t even think about them.  As …