How to Choose a Winning Business Idea That’s Perfect for You

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Jumping the gun?

Ok, I’m definitely jumping the gun here, but I’m too excited to hold it in. My new business, Brothers Whim, could flop, but I love where it’s headed. I love writing children’s books that I can read with my boys. I love working with my brother. I love learning creative skills. I love using technology. I love promoting the Creative Commons. I love accepting Bitcoin. Everyday I love it all even more.

Even if Brothers Whim does do a financial belly flop, it’s a winning business idea for me because it represents a milestone in my life where for the first time I know what it feels like to love my work. It’s still work, sometimes tedious and hard, but I love it because it matters to me. In so many different ways, it matters to me. In fact, I feel that this is the most important thing I could be working on right now.

How to choose a winning business idea that’s perfect for you.

My strategy for choosing my winning business idea will work for anybody. It may not be the best strategy, or the fastest, but it will work.

If you subscribe to my email list I’ll tell you this one secret that will change your life! Just kidding. Here’s my strategy.

  1. Ask yourself everyday, “What’s the most important thing I could be working on?”
  2. Answer that question.
  3. Do it.

What’s the most important thing I could be working on?

This question uncovers your passion and purpose. What do I really care about? How can I make a difference? Answer that first question and you’ve got these corollary questions nailed.

Answer that question.

Everyday. Answer it.

It’s a hard question to answer. Months, or years will probably pass before you’re confident in your answers. The trick is to keep at it, and to be honest. The answer isn’t like lightning that someday hits you, it’s more like an elephant you’ve got to eat one nourishing bite at a time.

I’ve been eating the elephant for about 3 years. I now feel nourished enough to confidently answer the question, but at the same time, my answer is constantly improving and evolving. This is probably an elephant we can never finish eating. But that’s alright.

Okay, enough with the elephants, already.

Do it.

This is the scary part.

My answer to the question was very different from what I was actually doing everyday. In order to do what mattered most to me, I had to stop doing a lot of very important things. Quitting my job was the big one here.

I tried for more than a year to make stuff happen on the side, but my job was too draining. Every morning I woke up pumped about my side projects, brainstorming action items on my drive to work, eager to make progress later that evening. Every evening I set my action items aside, feeling too drained and stressed to work on them right then.

Think about what’s holding you back. Get rid of it. Then get busy working on what matters most.


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