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One of the best things you can do to support us is to share our posts and videos on your social networking sites, like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.  When we post something you like, let us know, and then share that puppy!  We embrace a “creative commons” approach to all of our content, so don’t worry about any copyright issues – copy and share away.  Of course, we’re just getting started at this, so we don’t have much amazingness to share right now, but we will.

Technology is connecting us like never before.  There are around 800 million people world-wide on Facebook, with an estimated 4.7 degrees of separation between any 2 users!  That means that your post on Facebook can literally reach any Facebook user in less than 5 shares.  Stop for a second and let that blow your mind….

Collaborate with us
Team work makes the world go round in beautiful ways.  If you’ve got a special talent that you think could add some pizzaz to what were trying to do, let us know and let’s work some magic!  Musicians, designers, programmers, artists, biophysicists, whatever-ists welcome!

Or maybe you just want to hangout with us in Costa Rica.  Either way, shoot us an email at and let us know how you’d like to join forces!

Shop at Amazon
Amazon pays us 8% of whatever you buy after following our reference link!  It doesn’t cost you anything extra, except the extra hassle of bookmarking our special reference link.  Thanks for your support!

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HostGator pays us $50 for every person that signs up with our coupon code, which also saves you 25%!

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All our websites are hosted on HostGator.

  • Great pricing gets us unlimited storage, bandwidth, email, and domains for around $6 per month.
  • Fantastic customer support with awesome 24 hr technical help chat.
  • Free automated backups.

Thanks for your support!

Drop a Tip in the Tip Jar
If you’re feeling extra generous, drop a few pennies in our tip jar at  It’s ridiculous how happy just a few pennies makes us.  It’s not really the penny – it’s having that little piece of evidence that somebody somewhere appreciates our work.  It’s about us doing our best to offer people something of value, and people being moved to offer us something of value in return.  Mutually voluntary, beneficial exchange is a sensationally happy feeling.

Today sending money is as easy and free as sending an email!  PayPal and Dwolla are 2 really cool services for securely sending and receiving money for free anywhere in the world.  Bitcoin is also a cool option worth learning about.

Bitcoin donations enthusiastically accepted at13R9LQL2DhBWqhJu9Lp6UTDGf2pfHCRUru

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