Guzman Guitars – Handcrafted Since 1948

Tony shaping a guitar while his son curiously looks on.


We met the owners of the famous Guzman Guitars here in San Jose, Costa Rica and got an inside look at their guitar workshop where all the magic happens.  Around the workshop are tattered notebooks scribbled full of their guitar-building secrets, passed down over 3 generations.  Just being in their workshop made me want to build a guitar and start learning how to play.  Such a beautiful craft.

The Guzman’s are now opening up their guitar-building secrets to the world.  Our friend Karl took a shot in the dark and asked if he could learn from them and make his own guitar in their shop.  To his delight, they said yes!  After such a positive experience with Karl, the Guzman’s are excited to now offer personalized guitar-building workshops for anybody to come and build their own guitar.

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If you’d like to build your own guitar under the tutelage of the masters, you can email Tony directly at

Or, if you need a translator, I’d be more than happy to help –

UPDATE:  Today, 3 days after the video was posted, Tony emailed me that a guy came to buy a guitar because he saw the video!  Thanks for sharing the video!

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