Just Sold My First Book Ever!

Screenshot proof of my very first book sale!

Screenshot proof of my very first book sale!


I just sold my very first book, and the thrill is hysterically disproportionate to the achievement.  Or is it?

I know intellectually/analytically it’s not a very big deal – just a simple, self-published children’s book running on a Print On Demand distribution model that brought in a humble $2.74 – but on an emotional level this one little book sale represents so much more.

I think we all have a craving for validation stirring deep inside us.  We want to matter.  We want to be valued.  This book sale, in a sense, is this validation incarnate for me.  I created something that another person valued enough to trade their best value in return.  We gave each other our best and both came out the better for it.  Together, our voluntary exchange has made this world just a little bit better in our eyes.  This is magical to me.  I know it was just one book, but I feel like I matter.  I feel valued.

The book is Stick’s Masterpiece.  It’s available for free in PDF and video format.  I licensed it under Creative Commons, so you can copy and share away, if you so desire.  Check it out, and I hope you like it!

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