Kids’ Journal – Little Boy Perspectives of First Day Abroad

Fun as usual.

The boys behaved better than expected during the last six weeks of travel within the U.S., and they surprised us again by carrying on as usual even here.  Hearing Spanish in the grocery store didn’t seem to faze them (maybe because we lived in Escondido, California before).  Aside from that one outing, we spent the day settling in (parents) and playing (kids) in the hotel.  Austin started with the dry erase markers and little boards that he missed so much from home while Zack and I had some lively rounds of Uno.  Then they made up a fun game with some cool collapsing balls we brought with us.  A couple hours later they were dirty up to mid-calf and cranky with exhaustion.  Thank goodness for running water and comfortable beds.  After naps, we had dinner and watched the heavy rainfall from the balcony before bundling up to watch Shrek.



Cute Remarks from Remarkable Kids:

L: “Good morning, Austin.  Let’s get you dressed so we can go to the store to buy groceries.”
A: “But mom, I want to go to Costa Rica.”
L: “We’re here!  This is Costa Rica.”
A: “Oh, ha.”

“I thought it was supposed to look like the Costa Rica videos.”
– Zack’s most commonly repeated remark today.

“Mom, I want to go to a hotel that has glass for windows so I don’t hear the thunder.”
– Zack (The windows here have only mesh screens and bars.)

Z: “I didn’t know that rain could get in a hotel or a house.”
L: “Yeah, sometimes a roof leaks and water gets in.”
Z: “Yeah, I didn’t know but now I know because I felt it.”

And people ask what we’ll do for their education.  Psh.

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