Zack and Austin in their Baby Scientists Gear


Many people understandably ask about what we plan to do about sending our kids to school while living abroad.  It’s a good question.  The answer is, we probably won’t.  We prefer homeschooling traveling family style.

Learning is one of the great thrills of life.  Part of the reason we’ve decided to embark on this adventure is the thrill of learning new and unexpected things, to gain a fresh perspective, and to expand our minds by wrestling with new languages and situations.

In early 2011, a year before Costa Rica even crossed our minds, we decided we wanted to homeschool our children.  We decided to homeschool because we could see that our boys were naturally eager to learn and noticed that forced learning seemed to smother their progress, rather than help them learn.    We didn’t want to send our kids to school where forced worksheets and state-mandated testing tedium were the rule, so we decided to homeschool.

For us, one of the most rewarding aspects of parenting is engaging with our kids to harness and direct their innate sense of wonder in order to instill a love learning and cultivate that invaluable skill for doing it better each day.

Baby Scientists
Baby Scientists was a YouTube channel that we started in August 2011 to document some of our science learning activities and experiments with the kids.  Our goal with Baby Scientists is to inspire families to learn together in fun and engaging ways.

Here are our learning for easy perusing.

How to Drink a Coconut and Why You Should
We decided coconuts would be a fun Baby Scientists learning project! Along the way, we learn that coconut water is not only super tasty, but also super healthy.  Check out these fun facts about coconuts.



Pumice Volcanic Rock at Lake Apoyo, NicaraguaFloating Rocks at Lake Apoyo, Nicaragua
On our trip to Nicaragua we visited a pristine crater lake called Lake Apoyo, which is surrounded by volcanos.  All around the lake were thousands of pieces of pumice, a foamy volcanic rock that is so light it floats!  We decided to make pumice our next family learning project.  Check it out!



Learning to share in Nicaragua

Learning to Share in Nicaragua
While in Catarina, Nicaragua, we learned a poignant lesson about sharing.  Austin couldn’t understand why the boy would only give him 1 chip.  Once Austin understood that all 10 children needed to share the 1 small bag of chips, he agreed they were very nice to share a whole chip with him.



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