Lost And Found Family Adventure Begins!

Good bye house with newly installed solar panels and 30 budding fruit trees.

We did it!  Today we signed the papers to put our house on the market and officially became the Lost and Found Family!

We know that we should probably be feeling at least a little anxious about plunging head first into the dark unknown like this – but we don’t.  We feel oddly peaceful and confident.

For the past while we have felt unsatisfied with our life-choices.  We’re just not fulfilled and happy, so we’re going to do something about it.  The goal is to open up more opportunities to serve, learn, grow, love, and laugh together as a family.  Right now we feel pretty tied down by our house and all our stuff.  Well, not for long.

Here we go–wherever that might be!

Lost And Found Family
Spencer, Laura, Zack, and Austin

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