Mechanical Engineer Turned Children’s Book Author

Stick's Masterpiece

For the past couple months I’ve been working with my brother to write children’s books, and we just finished our first one!

I’m passionate about parenting, education, and Creative Commons, and writing children’s books was a fun opportunity to combine all three. This past year has brought many surprises. Writing children’s books is one more surprise. I never would have guessed :).

Our first story is about a cute, little girl names Stick who learns that she does not need to be afraid to try. Stick learns that while she may not know how to paint a masterpiece, she can do small and simple things. These small and simple things, composed over a lifetime, are what become her masterpiece, and the result is more beautiful than she imagined.

I launched my first Kickstarter 2 days ago to see if we can fund a high-quality hardcover print. It’s fabulously thrilling and excruciatingly terrifying. I have to force myself to look away from the computer. Every time my phone dings I scramble to see if we’re getting any more backers. Kickstarting is not for the anxiety-impaired.

Since I’m passionate about Creative Commons, you can download Stick’s Masterpiece for free!

  • PDF via Box – for thumbing through on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • PDF via Scribd – for thumbing through on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Video – read by the author, for watching offline.

Back us on Kickstarter for a beautiful hardcover version for as little as $8!

So there it is! My latest, non-conventional project. I hope you love it. I think you will :)

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