Multitasking Overdose – Spencer’s Journal

Brothers Whim Story 1 Forest

Brothers Whim Story 1 Page 3 Artwork


If doing 1 good thing is good, then doing 5 must be better, right?  Well, I thought so.  Except today I feel completely spent, and have nothing to show for it.  Reflecting on this dejection, I have diagnosed myself with a multitasking overdose.

If I’m honest with myself, I have to admit that I’ve spread myself too thin intellectually, and that I’m a failure at 5 things, rather than good at 1.

I had high hopes for myself.  I thought I could do it all.  Lost and Found Family.  Baby Scientists.  Brothers Whim.  Andy Man Manzanillo.  Family.  Friends.  Church.  Economics conversations on Facebook.  This week I even accepted a job to design and build a new website using Squarespace, which I haven’t used before.

Brothers Whim Story 1 Page 5 Artwork.

Brothers Whim Story 1 Page 5 Artwork.


Unfortunately, I’m failing at all of those.  I wanted to do 1 video per week on both L&FF and Baby Scientists.  I wanted to write a new story every month for Brothers Whim.  I wanted to get Andy’s website up and flooding him with new clients.  I wanted to relax with my family, and laugh with our friends.  I wanted to solve the world’s problems with Facebook economics conversations.  I wanted to design the best Squarespace website ever seen.  Yeah.  No.  None of that is really happening.

I wouldn’t say I am a total failure, but I do feel like one.  It seems to come down to unrealistic expectations.  My impatience buried me under an impossible load.  Now I spend as much time feeling squished and depressed as I do creative and productive.

The straw on this camel’s broken back today was trying to finish this Brother’s Whim story of which you see couple of samples of my amazing artwork (actually, I can only take credit for the stick figures).  I thought I could knock it out in 3 hours today.  Nine hours later, I realize I’m not even close.  I need to redo most of it so that it sucks less.

Take 3 slow breaths.  Step away from my computer.  Admire my bits of work that I have completed.  Remember to enjoy the process since it is just as important as the result.  Okay, time for a movie break.

Photography Attribution Page 3, Page 5.

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