Puerto Viejo Adventure – 9 Days in Paradise

Relaxing on the Beach at Punta Uva.  Click to view the image gallery.

We just got back from our awesome 9-day Puerto Viejo adventure on the Costa Rican Caribbean coast.  We spent our time in Punta Uva and Manzanillo, little tropical towns rich with Jamaican influence known for their beauty and family friendly atmosphere, located a few miles south of Puerto Viejo.

7 nights at Pachamama, Punta Uva = $270
2 nights at Bucus, Manzanillo = $60
3 meals eating out = $80
Bus fare = $85
Food for the week = $85
Total = $580
Awesome memories with amazing new friends = $Priceless

Our stay at Pachamama was good, but not perfect.  Bill, the owner, is a nice American guy that moved from to Punta Uva 6 years ago with his family for their own adventure.  We enjoyed the complimentary breakfasts, and the free use of his sweet beach cruisers.  The downsides to our stay were very limited internet, weird-smelling water in the shower, and a lazy toilet that didn’t like to flush.

Complimentary Breakfast at Pachamama House and Bungalows


Riding Bikes Punta Uva, Pachamama


Pachamama sports a rustic build in the middle of the jungle near a river.  Every time I sat down on our porch, I had the banjo music from the Old Man’s Cabin from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Ride running through my head.  Pretty cool!

Photo book of Pachamama House and Bungalow’s coming soon!

Pachamama Bungalow with Kitchenette

Pachamama Bungalow. See what I mean about the Old Man’s Cabin?


At Pachamama we got frequent visits from howler monkey’s, which sound like they are 300 pounds, but are really no bigger than Austin.  Here’s a short recording of some howls that woke us up one morning.

Boring Picture of a Howler Monkey


While in Punta Uva, we met a friendly tico dude,  Jonathan, from Playa Chiquita.  I was walking to Playa Chiquita alone because Austin and Zack were sick with the flu.  I had set off walking without any camera gear because I wanted to be on the safe side.  When Jonathan first approached me on the street out of the blue, I was glad I had left my camera :).

Ten minutes later I was dying for my camera gear!  He climbed trees, taught me about the local wildlife, talked about how they use the local plant life for food, herbs, and health.  It was awesome!

I snapped this quick shot of Jonathan climbing a giant beach almond tree with my phone.  The waves are literally lapping against the big branches which droop onto the beach.

Climbing Giant Beach Almond Tree Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica


Jonathan showed me around the beach for a couple of hours.  He told me all about the amazing dishes his mom prepares from the food that grows wild around their house.  He must have seen my eyes light up because he invited us to come back the next day for lunch.  We did!  And it was awesome!  Here’s the cooking video for how to make breadfruit Caribbean style.

Jonathan and Eliza invited back again for dinner!  How could we not?  Caribbean style chicken with rice and beans video coming soon!

Here’s a video compilation of our adventures in Punta Uva.


Punta Uva Adventure Round 2!  The Manzanillo Adventure!

Being unemployed has its perks.  Five days into our 7-day tip we whimsically extended our tip another 2 days to visit Manzanillo.  I didn’t even have to ask my boss for permission.

On the bus ride down to Punta Uva we met Andy, a fun, outgoing rastafari dude who helped all the lost tourists on the bus get off at the right stops.  We hit it off with Andy (which I imagine is impossible not to do), and he came over to visit us at Pachamama several days later.  We were feeling cheated having lost a couple of days due to the boys’ flu, so Andy offered us an awesome rate at his brother’s cabin in Manzanillo, 15 minutes down the road.  Andy’s brother, Omar, calls his place Bucus.  It is beautiful!

Photo book of Bucus Cabins coming soon!

Manzanillo with Andy was awesome!  Andy grew up there, and knew everything and everyone in this remote, exotic town.   We felt like genuine VIP strutting around with Andy. He taught us all about the wildlife, culture, and even taught Zack how to hold a giant banana spider!

Andy took us out on his friend’s boat to Monkey Point, near the Panamanian border, for an awesome snorkeling adventure!  This trip was so surreal for me.  It just seemed too perfect to be real.  Hacking open coconuts on an exotic, tropical beach, steamy-warm ocean water, schools of fish, manta rays, great new friends, and that awesome storm that blew in at the very end. The spray of the ocean on the boat ride back was like a hot shower!  Just incredible.

We can’t recommend Andy enough!  If you’re headed down to Manzanillo, and want a professional guide to show you the best spots, hire Andy!  We were so impressed with Andy, we offered to build him a website!  If you’re hankering for a Costa Rican Caribbean adventure, be sure visit Andy at – andymanmanzanillo.com

Small World Moments.  Puerto Viejo is all about small world moments!  It turns out that Andy knew Bill and told us exactly where to get off the bus for Pachamama.  When Jonathan approached me on the street he was riding a bike – Bill’s bike :).  As I was telling Jonathan about meeting Andy, who also knew Bill, Andy rode by on his moped.  Of course, Jonathan already knew Andy.

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