We love learning authentic recipes from our new friends that we meet along our travels.  There is nothing quite like a delicious family recipe to get to know a new culture a little bit better.

Authentic Costa Rican Cooking

Making Authentic Costa Rican Chicharrones in the Rainforest
While getting the VIP tour of the gorgeous rainforest town of Monteverde from Davis, we have the pleasure of eating dinner with his family and friends.  Davis’s mother, Ana, shows us how to make Chicharrones Costa Rican style on her wood-burning stove.


How to Make Breadfruit Caribbean Style
We meet new friends, Jonathan and Eliza, while on our Punta Uva Adventure that invite us over for the best vegetarian dish I have ever had.  Jonathan takes me around their property right on the beach to harvest all the fresh ingredients for the lunch.  They were gracious enough to share their fantastic family recipe with me on film.  Awesome!


Chicken Caribbean StyleChicken with Rice and Beans Caribbean Style
Jonathan and Eliza, our new friends from our Punta Uva adventure, invited us back again for dinner the next day after breadfruit.  They taught us their delicious family recipe for Caribbean style chicken.  I have never enjoyed chicken more than I did this meal!


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